Here is a complete list of our Sponsors and Advertisers:


CogSolid Athletics

An athletes ability to be successful is based on the concept that sports are 60% mental and 40% physical. Cogsolid Athletics looks at the intellectual aspects of athletics to improve a players performance. The Cognitive Playbook, the key program of Cogsolid, is a comprehensive individual program developed to help athletes understand what kind of plays are necessary to strengthen their abilities on and off the field. Based on analysis of observation and films, a comprehensive playbook or strategy is developed to fully assess the cognitive abilities of each athlete. Additionally, specific strategies are recommended to both the coaching staff as well as the athlete to maximize his or her ability to perform to their peak both during practices, official games, and off the field. Assessment and intervention strategies will serve as the coach’s and player’s instruction manual for maximizing training skills development leading to peak athletic performance.

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen has been serving up sweet treats and smiles around the world. For over 70 years. With over 6,000 restaurants in the United States, Canada and 18 other countries, Dairy Queen strives to provide “Fan Food, not Fast Food” no matter where you go!



FITtrition was born from the idea that better food and exercise were the keys to living a better life. Inspired by long time fitness professionals disappointed in the selection of nutritional bars and products, FITtrition set out to make products that were not just good for you but also pass the taste test.  Our products are 100% Natural, Gluten Free and loaded with ingredients not typically found in nutritional bars.



We Are the Premier Full-Service RV Provider for PSU home football games. We have the widest selection of quality, well maintained models to rent. All of our RV’s are delivered early to assure you the best possible location @ PSU RV Overnight Lot and correctly set-up by our professional staff. You will arrive to a clean RV that is ready for your immediate use (climate control & refrigerator on) assuring you a full weekend of enjoyment.

Emmortal Enterprises

eMMortal Enterprises was founded by two athletes who saw great results from these natural pain relieving products and decided that more people should know there are natural, healthy alternatives to prescription medications.


Global HR Research

At Global HR Research, we deliver the most advanced, intuitive and diagnostic technology in the industry to help companies around the world find, select, assess, screen and hire quality candidates—in less time with less risk than ever before. Our fully integrated platform is customized to each client’s exact needs. By merging Talent Acquisition, Talent Management and Talent Screening together in a single application, managing your hiring workflow has never been easier or more efficient.


Xooma Worldwide

X2O is an exclusive and unique nature-made mineral complex delivered in an easy-to-use sachet. It is found only one place on the earth, from a pristine ocean source near the Okinawan Islands. X2O takes plain water and transforms it into supercharged mineral-rich, alkaline water that offers essential health benefits for the body. With countless testimonies from around the world, people are sharing transformations in their personal health that they directly attribute to X2O. Here are three ways in which X2O can provide extraordinary health benefits.